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Canine Cleanser

Canine Cleanser

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Bathing Your Best friend Has Never Been Easier

The Canine Cleanser has been engineered to provide your Canine friend with a gentle but deeper clean than traditional bathing methods. The AquaSoap mechanism has been developed to save you time and effort when it comes to your dog's routine wash.

Protects Your Dog's Health

It is essential to clean your dog regularly to cleanse their skin and remove loose hair, scale, debris and improve the hair coat's shine. Dog's who aren't bathed can develop a dry coat, irritated skin and even fleas.

Multi-Purpose To Meet Many Needs

The nozzle comes with 8 different spray settings (rinsing, spraying, washing, centre, spray, shower, mist and cone) to make sure you have the right selection for your pup's liking as well as being able to use it for floor, window, driveway, roof, car washing, plants, garden, lawn irrigation. What more could you ask for!

Reduces Anxiety & Stress

Most dogs do not enjoy bath time, but the Canine Cleanser offers a quick and hassle-free solution. Rather than manually lathering soap into the water, the Canine Cleanser blends the soap into the water stream, saving you time and making the bath experience smoother for both you and your dog.

Leaves Your Dog Sparkling Clean

Gain peace of mind knowing your furry friend is thoroughly clean and healthy. With twice the pressure of a typical hose and eight spray modes tailored for dogs, this device effectively eliminates any stubborn dirt, including mud, waste, sweat, and dandruff from under their coat. With the ability to adjust soap dilution, the Canine Cleanser will leave your dog sparkling clean.





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