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Meet Your Dog's New Playtime Companion

This interactive dog treat dispensing toy is the ultimate hero for bored and playful pups everywhere! This innovative toy is designed to provide hours of entertainment and mental stimulation for dogs of all sizes and breeds. With its interactive features and ability to dispense treats, it keeps pets engaged and motivated, preventing destructive behaviour caused by boredom.

Improves Your Dog's IQ

The AstroBot will stimulate your dog's mind and reward it. Whether pushing it around with nose or paw, the dog will engage and learn that it will be rewarded for it's interaction with the toy, making them more enthusiastic when it comes to playtime!

Protect Your Dog's Stomach

Fill the toy with some healthy and tasty treats to promote slow feeding, which helps protect gastrointestinal health. Note: The treats have to be small enough to fit through the dispenser hole.

No Batteries or Electricity Needed

Introducing the cleverly designed robotic tumbler. Equipped with a rolling balance system, this toy does not require any electricity to operate and can remain upright no matter how much your dog tries to knock it over. Your pet will be entertained for extended periods as they continuously push the tumbler to receive treats. The fun is not limited to dogs as even cats can enjoy the tumbler.

Safe and Easy to Use

Constructed from durable ABS material that is both safe and non-toxic. No complicated assembly is required - simply fill the toy with your pet's favourite treats. Clean-up is a breeze - simply rinse it with warm soapy water and dry it after use. This toy is suitable for small to medium sized dogs and all sizes of cats. However, it is not a chew toy. Supervision is recommended if buying for larger dogs. 

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